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Logical Disorder – Cinexin – Moduleight – Deymus – Yulio – Alex Le Franz – Gus Martin -Audiolab – Golguru – Mr.x – Look For Device – Cuartilla & Muto – Gift – Pasajero 747 – Nelvil – Assuc -Armed nation – N qia – Zielpunkt & Farbe – David Inexacte –  Decksam – Larry Lan – Antonio Marcianio –  Gift – Orionids – Snil – Hidromental and More…


New Ep By David Inexacte “Silent Mighty People EP” // Ref kraft 0.52



David Inexacte – Silent Mighty People (Kraftoptical)

An EP that includes three tracks dedicated to those people who fight for a better world with weapons such as culture, love and desire to cooperate and share, and those who are helping to discover and remember to the people his own hidden powers. 
These are really mighty people, and i want to thanks to everyone of them.



1. Silent Mighty People
2. Dandelion
3. Sickly Utopist


The project David Inexacte (David Calvo PÈrez, Barcelona) aims to bring some of the most dangerous aspects of electronic contemporary music into the accessibility and proximity of dance music, without losing the melody and emotions, and trying to get away from the cold and strict geometry. With time and not always near electronic influences, this project was extended to different and colorful horizons with organic structures trend, always running and always returning back to dancing.

Publications on labels like Soulless Lab, Cinematique, Mind Field among others, and also several remixes for various artists, like Idiot Idols, David Lacroix, has participated in festivals like HOTELER 2012, SPRING BREAK 2013 or TRENDELENBURG 3.4, sharing the stage with artists such as Incite, Clip! or Wooky.


Soundcloud @user5473952

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Review New Ep By N-qia “Supertrump EP” // Ref kraft 0.51

Cover copia

N-qia is eclectic electronic pop duo from Tokyo.1st full album “Fringe Popcical “was released from Virgin Babylon Records by world’send girlfriend. 
Released an album “nocturnals”by co-work with harold nono as haq
from bearsuit records(UK)
Also there are online releases from netlabels like Audiokult(Wien) Bunkai-Kei Records(Tokyo), Mercedes-Benz Mixtape series(Germany) La bel netlabel(Italy) elementperspective(Japan)
N-qia brings Supertrump EP with retro folky pop song,to mazed strings harmony,in the end glittering electronica flow under super complicated vocal processing.
it could represents technological and cultural organic chaos in Tokyo city.,u~10076655,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

Track list Ep
02.notes from beyond
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Review New Release By GOLDGURU “Elevation” Ep Ref.048 Kraftoptical Recordings

New Release By GOLDGURU “Elevation” Ep Ref.048 Kraftoptical Recordings

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Bio : Fascinated by space, Goldguru is a french DJ/Producer. His influences remain predominantly electronic. Among them, unsurprisingly, Four Tet, John Talabot and Nicolas Jaar.

Ep : Elevation

Tracklist : – Pasadena
– Tribe
– Alta, Heaven.

Date Release : 4 june 2014

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New Release By LOOK FOR DEVICE (Fr) “Summer 13 ” Ep for Kraftoptical Recordings (Bcn) // Ref kraft 0.44 //

Look For Device presents us a new release tainted with a warm and deep sound . Here is a love of analogic pushed into a contemporary treatment . Look For Device has conceived each track of Summer 13 as a new tomorrow feeling . this EP was elaborated between tropics and city dusks . African vibes , Electronica , Ambient are a few words that were told to discribe their work , some of their influences that encountered to build a place of stillness .
NOW Available iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Beatport,, Deezer, Djshop, Youtube, Xbox Music, Juno Download and many more.

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Track list Summer 13 Ep (06/05/2014):
1. d-effect
2. ger-in
3. ruby

More Info Look For Device :


Look For Device
Guillaume and Anthony form a duo from Bordeaux who have been sharing their passion for music since school, where they met in the 90s.
Their initial great taste for rock or even noise music was shattered when they discovered and listened to some English mixtapes brought back by friends. Their move from rock to electronic music occured when they found out about artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Dj Panacea or the Digital Hardcore Recording label team founded by talented Alec Empire.
Many nights and parties followed and allowed them to perfect this ‘electro culture’. They were both involved in different rock and other mixed types of music projects and bands and thus experienced machines. They finally went into partnership in 2009 and Look For Device was born.
Why does this name ‘Look For Device’ sounds like an obvious fact ? A direct reference to the Sheffield born duo and to their taste for playing with synthesizers’ and drum machines’ buttons. In the studio, they set up
their friends Stylophone, TR606, TB303 and more oldfashioned Yamaha, Roland or Korg things in order to create an electronica sound in the broadest sense of the word. All this in the pure line of works of artists they love such as : Boards of Canada, Mike Paradinas, Luke Vibert, LFO, Amon Tobin and their fellows from Warp, Rephlex,Ninja Tunes or Planet Mu.
The demoCD ‘Nine Tracks EP’ was born in 2010 and handed out whenever they had the chance.
‘Summer 13 EP’ has been available via free streaming since 10/10/2013.

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New Release by ASSUC “Revised Chords” Remixes Ep //Esp// (Ref 0.43) Kraftoptical Recordings (Bcn)


Review Esp

Nueva Edicion de Assuc (Esp) "Revised Chords" para Kraftoptical Rec, Remezclando su debut Single "Diagonal Chords" , plasmando 2 remixes que alternan sonidos profundos y frescos, que van desde la Electro al Dubtechno, siempre destacando su Originalidad a la hora de Trabajar.

 Aunque ya lleva plasmando sus sonidos hace muchos tiempo con varios Proyectos como NEZVIL o LUNA OPTICA ,  

ASSUC empieza poco a poco hacerse camino en el medio ya que ademas ya tiene preparado nuevos releases ,como en el sello Alemán "Electronic Groove Culture" o "GWF Labels Records" sello con base en Madrid….

 ademas de Remixar el Track "Playa Lunar" para el Productor Chileno-Frances Deymus (CL).

Review English

New Edition of Assuc (ESP) "Revised Chords" for Kraftoptical Rec, Re-mixing his debut single "Diagonal Chords" , where presents 2 remixes, alternate sounds Deep and fresh sound, ranging from Electro to the Dubtechno, always emphasizing its originality .

 Although it takes already shaping their sounds many time ago with various projects such as  NEZVIL or LUNA OPTICA,  

ASSUC starts to slowly make way in the Middle , also has already prepared new releases, as in the German label "Electronic Groove Culture" or "GWF Labels Records" Label with base in Madrid…

in addition to make one remix for Deymus (Cl) "Playa Lunar".

More Info:

ASSUC "Revised Chords" Remixes Ep Date: 15/04/2014

NOW Available iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Beatport,, Deezer, Djshop, Youtube, Xbox Music, Juno Download and many more.

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GIFT (Japan) “Zero” Ep // for Kraftoptical Recordings (Barcelona Ref) .041






Gift (Katsutomo Yamauchi ) presenta su primer Ep para Kraftoptical Recordings con un sonido mas natural y acústico , que representa el Primera publicación del sello barcelonés con esa tendencia , ya el sello se caracteriza siempre por sonidos frescos , siempre rompiendo las reglas y el soporte a nuevos artistas generalmente .

GIFT nos traslada con su primer corte “Freeloader” con su mas característico sonido , con texturas dominantes y por momentos alocadas , cargados de breaks, microsonidos y frecuencias delirantes , con lo cual el este joven artista japonés nos transporta a la creatividad en estado puro.

Su segundo corte “Affordance” mas delicado con intro pegadizo, guitarras delirantes y crujientes con un sonido electrónico capaz de no dejar indiferente a cualquiera , excelente track , lleno de originalidad.

Gift ya prepara nuevos lanzamientos para el sello japonés Element Perspective con su Ep “EPV_151” que seguro dará que hablar.

En cuanto Kraftoptical prepara nuevos EP con los madrileños Uanamani que están sonando mucho en el circuito , ademas de varias sopresas como el EP de francés M-SCHNIDER que es 100% AMBIENT- ATMOSFERCO algo totalmente nuevo para sello aunque artistas como YULIO o LOGICAL DISORDER ya habien editado tracks en el sello con un tendencia parecida.ademas de nuevos releases de los chilenos HIDROMENTAL y Los Franceses LOOK FOR DEVICE…


Gift (Katsutomo Yamauchi ) He presented his first Ep for Kraftoptical recordings with a more natural sound and acoustic , which represents the first publication of the seal Barcelona with this trend, because the stamp is always characterized by fresh sounds, always breaking the rules and the support for new artists generally .

GIFT takes us back with your first cut ‘Freeloader’ with its more distinctive sound, with dominant and sometimes crazy textures, loaded with breaks, microsounds and delirious frequencies, whereupon the this young Japanese artist takes us to the creativity in its purest form.

His second cut ‘Affordance’ more delicate with catchy intro, delirious and crunchy guitars with an electronic sound can not leave anyone indifferent to any, excellent track, full of originality.

Gift already prepared new releases for the Japanese label Element Perspective with their Ep ‘EPV 151’ that surely will give to speak.

As soon as Kraftoptical prepares new EP with Uanamani (Madrid) are playing much in the circuit, as well as several surprises as the EP from French M-SCHNIDER which is 100% AMBIENT – ATMOSFERIC something completely new for label ,although artists like YULIO or LOGICAL DISORDER already order edited tracks for the label with a similar trend

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